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von Kees
10. Jul 2024, 14:03
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Thema: Complete DNA Foiler € 5000
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Complete DNA Foiler € 5000

Don't hesitate any longer and be the first to score this bargain!

unnamed.jpg_thumb.png (37.97 KiB) 1063 mal betrachtet
von Kees
4. Jul 2024, 09:28
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Thema: gebogener Baum - curved boom
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Re: gebogener Baum - curved boom


Is this an eXploder curved boom?

Is it the normal length, or shorter?

Do I recognise Hellecat's terrace?

What is your bottom price?

Kees Krijger
krijgercj @ gmail.com
von Kees
31. Mär 2024, 09:30
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Thema: Regatta in Hellevoetsluis NED
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Regatta in Hellevoetsluis NED

First regatta of the year is planned on the 4th & 5th of May at Hellecat. Dutch Nationals are planned for 23, 24 and 25 of August. Interest in a third regatta weekend at Catclub Zeeland in Vrouwenpolder will be investigated. Register: https://forms.gle/yAgbcrjrDgtdfxWE6 Competitors: https://docs...
von Kees
17. Aug 2023, 16:42
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Thema: Bimare XJ Classic € 2950
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Bimare XJ Classic € 2950

von Kees
31. Jul 2023, 11:47
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Thema: Dutch Nationals 2023
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Dutch Nationals 2023

Registration is open for the Dutch Nationals at Hellecat Hellevoetsluis!

Open Dutch Nationals

von Kees
26. Mai 2023, 08:15
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Thema: Extra A-Cat Weekend at Hellevoetsluis Holland
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Extra A-Cat Weekend at Hellevoetsluis Holland

DACA is proud to announce an extra A-Cat weekend on the 1st & 2nd of July at Hellecat.

https://www.manage2sail.com/nl-NL/event ... 2b111d8#!/
von Kees
10. Apr 2023, 12:49
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Thema: A-Class Regatta at Hellecat Holland
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A-Class Regatta at Hellecat Holland

Registration is open for the first A-Class event at Hellecat. Early bird reward! “A-CAT Classic and Foiling; Early entry until April 15stt 24:00 hrs € 60, otherwise € 80. Sailors dinner on Saturday is included in entry. https://www.manage2sail.com/nl-NL/event/2a9c5cad-6c80-4a79-8b52-b80985a9bdcb#!/